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American Music offer a variety of services for stringed instruments. Our staff is highly-skilled and detail-oriented. If you have a stringed instrument that needs any work, from a string change, to a warped neck, bring it in for a free consultation. We are the only shop with a Taylor-certified technician.

(Prices are for labor and do not include supplies or materials).
STANDARD GUITAR (Electric or Acoustic)
6-Strings $12
7 or 8-Strings $20
12 Strings $25
Classical $20
Floyd Rose/Tremolo 6-String $35
4-String $12
5-String & Above $15
4-String $12
6-String $15
8-String $20
U-Bass $25
GUITAR SET-UPS Includes string change
Standard 6-String (Acoustic, Electric, Bass) $60
7 or 8 String $65
Floyd Rose 6-String
Floyd Rose 7 or 8-String $75
Install Dots $5 per dot
Install Frets $10 per fret + $50 set-up fee
Body Reattachment  Starts at $65
Bridge Repair Starts at $70
Cleaning & Detail $15
Repair for Cracked Neck Starts at $85
Input Jack Replacement $30
DRUMS (Head Changes)
Rack Toms
Kick Drum $15
Snare (Top & Bottom) $15 ea.
5-Piece Kit $60
6-Piece Kit $70
Djembe $20
5-Piece Kit
6-Piece Kit