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What is Layaway & Why is it a Great Option?

What is Layaway & Why is it a Great Option?

Layaway is a payment option that allows you to buy something through a series of payments.

We know that it's not always easy plopping down a chunk of change for a PA system or that beautiful Limited Edition Fender Strat you've dreamed about since you were 16! That's why we offer a convenient layaway program.

Here's how it works:
  • Pick the item(s) you want in the store. The combined total must be $200 or more.
  • Pay 20% down. (ie If you're buying a guitar and amp that totals $600, your deposit will be $120). The items remain in the store until they are fully paid off.
  • Pay any amount, any day, within the next three months. You can pay weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or whenever you have some gig money, as long as the final payment is made by the end of the three-month period.
  • Take your purchases home and enjoy!

    Why should you take advantage of the layaway program?

    One of the main reasons we encourage our customers to use the layaway program is because we often bring in only one or two of a specific product or model. If you know what you want, using the layaway program is the best way to ensure that you'll get the gear you want without missing the boat--literally. 

    Call us at (671) 647-MUZK for more information or come in and ask our staff about our free Layaway Program! 


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